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Blogging Goals

Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was warm and wonderful!  We took the kids to a park and grilled out on Saturday.  I adore this time of year.

So, I’ve been thinking about this blog.

When I started it several months ago, I just wanted an outlet.  And it really has been a fabulous outlet.  I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to write about grown-up things using grown-up words.  And to write about kid things and be encouraged by those of you who have experienced similar situations.

It’s been such a blessing to interact with so many other creatives, other bakers and cooks, other moms, other writers.  Other people.

But I want to take this blogging adventure more seriously.  I want to improve.  As a writer, as a photographer, and as a blog author.

So I wrote down a few goals.

Blogging Goals @ quirkyandwonderful.wordpress.com

My Goals:

  • Blog consistently 3 times per week
    • Have some posts ready to go ahead of time so I’m not scrambling or publishing poor content.
    • Include more crafty posts
    • Include more faith and family based posts
    • Continue to work on my food photography.
  • Be organized
    • Research different blogging planners and printables.
    • Implement an organization method for planning posts, scheduling posts, and keeping track of other blog details.
    • Set aside one evening every week to stay up past bedtime and work on blogging, free of distractions.
  • Spend more time researching and reading about blogging.  Learn about ways to get more connected to the blogging community such as link up parties, sites to submit articles, and sites to submit photos.
  • Spend more time reading and interacting with other blogs, those I currently follow, and some new to me.

So… that’s what I’m working towards.  I don’t expect to meet all of them right away, but it feels good to have an idea of where I’m headed.  And now I have some fresh excitement about blogging!  🙂

Are there any blogging goals on your horizon?  What kind of system do you use to stay organized?

Looking forward to connecting with you better,



18 thoughts on “Blogging Goals

  1. Here are some of my favorites, hopefully you can click on the links.
    This one you need pinterest for, but it is great because every pin gets pinned!! http://thetakeactionwahm.com/pretty-pintastic-party-100/
    This one you just need to visit other blogs which is the normal “rules” http://mostlyblogging.com/bloggers-pit-stop-11/

    There is 3 to get you started. Have fun!

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