Hi hi!  I am so delighted that you are here!

I began this blog in 2015 as an outlet for creativity and a break from being a stay-at-home-mom.  (And if you have ever been a stay-at-home-mom with three kids preschool age and younger, I know you know what I mean.)  I’m a little quirky and a little wonderful, and I hope you like it here!

If I could, I would take you to a comfy, cozy coffee shop so we could chat about life over a white chocolate mocha with pretty leaf designs in the foam.  But for now, I’ll sip brewed coffee at my kitchen table and hope you do the same at yours.

A few things about me:

*I believe Jesus died for my sins, and that He is refining me into a new person day by day, a person living a full life of joy because of His sacrifice and love for me. (I’m a work in progress.)

*I have always loved all things artsy (music, art, diy crafting, making up recipes even if they don’t turn out great every time, etc.)

*I have an incredible husband and three wonderful children (all born in about the span of three years — yes, I have my hands full, but I wouldn’t change a thing)

*My favorite movie is The Princess Bride, which I love to watch with like-minded people while we quote the lines half a second early.

A few things about the blog and me:

*I love to write.  In fact, I’m one of those weird people who reminisce about staying up late writing college term papers while my fellow classmates snoozed.  Therefore, I have decided to get my fix via blogging. 🙂

*I enjoy reading recipes and crafting tutorials on other blogs, and I love posting about both.

*Ah, kiddos… Mine provide my world with a delightful (usually) cocktail of silliness, challenges, and joy.  I love sharing my crazy parenting journey for the benefit of anyone in similar situations and for general amusement.

So, that’s me.  How about you? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know that you stopped by.  I look forward to sharing a little bit of life with you!


Here are some of my favorite posts to get you started:

*Twisted Cinnamon Bread
*Mother’s Day Flower Cake
*Zuppa Toscana
*Thick and Chewy (and Adaptable) Granola Bars
*Did You See the Sky?
*One Harried Night
*Show Me Her Gifts

You can also always check out the Recipes page for a complete list of my recipes.

9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I LOVE your gravatar photo! Okay, here goes. 1. My youngest of three daughters (now all grown) loves Princess Bride, and one afternoon she called me at work, caller ID showed me it was her, and I answered “my name is Inigo Montoya….”; she giggled and filled in the rest hardly missing a beat. 2. Recipes are merely a reference point, a suggestion not a mandate, 3. I love Jesus! So if we never meet this side of eternity, no prob, I’ll see you there! Thanks for visiting my site, and also here’s one you might really enjoy!!-http://thelovebungalow.com/ (lots of cooking and things like that, she’s fun!)

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