No Churn Cheesecake Ice Cream

I discovered “no churn” ice cream a couple years ago. The basic recipe is delightfully simple. A can (14 oz) of sweetened condensed milk and a pint (2 cups) of heavy whipping cream. Plus whatever toppings you can dream up.

The whipping cream gets whipped and folded into the sweetened condensed milk and toppings.  Then into the freezer for six hours or more.

Bottom layer: sweetened condensed milk blended with cream cheese, vanilla, lemon juice, and a drizzle of melted butter.  Top layer: freshly whipped cream.  All ready to be folded in.

I have used this to make a coffee ice cream that is rich in flavor, creamy in texture and better than any store bought I’ve ever tasted.

Part of the brilliance is that the super sweet condensed milk is tamed by the addition of bitter coffee.  They balance each other beautifully.

So I thought some tangy cream cheese would work well, too.  And cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts.  It would have to be delicious.  I couldn’t imagine coming up with a bad version using those ingredients.

Buttered graham cracker crumbles stirred in…

And truly, the flavor was spot on.  Quintessential even.  Cheesecake, rich and creamy in every bite.

Sadly though, the texture left something to be desired. At least in terms of ice cream.  It had a frozen cool whip texture that was richer and stiffer and did not melt as lusciously as ice cream.


This attempt was semi-scrumptious.  (And obviously, none of this creamy concoction went to waste.)  But I’m setting my sights a little higher next time.

I’m off to try a custard ice cream recipe by way of hand churning

Have a scrumptious day!


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