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An Array of Quilts

Mom used to say that my creativity came from my dad.  He’s the singer, the guitar player, and the woodworker, among many other talents.

diamond burst quilt@

And he is creative.  But he’s not alone.

Mom has an eye for beauty.

stair step quilt top @

An eye for color.

green ombre triangle quilt @

In the last couple years, she has taken up quilting again.

turquoise and orange pinwheel quilt @

I love seeing her different projects.

When we visit her house, I get to see the different fabrics and quilts she is planning and piecing together.  The batiks are my favorites.

stained glass batik quilt @
For my brother
Last year she worked through the family and made each of us a quilt.

modern triangle quilt @
For my sister
She crafted this beautiful batik ombre quilt for my husband and me.  There are starbursts of silver and metallic blues in some of the fabrics. Little snowflakes.

frozen ombre quilt @
For me
She has also made some adorable baby quilts.

dinosaur blocks quilt @

sea green blocky pinwheel quilt @

And some fashionable baby quilts.

diamond quilt @

She has also worked on projects with my daughter.  I love this pink jelly roll quilt that they made together.

pink jelly roll quilt @

It’s a blessing and a delight to have been raised by creative people.  And to have those gifts passed down to my children as well.

Thanks, Mom, for all the beauty you have breathed into my life, quilting and otherwise.

Photo credit: my parents

2 thoughts on “An Array of Quilts

  1. Thank you for the kind words, Katie. It’s an honor to be considered creative from you. You have an eye for beauty that I admire. ❤️

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