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An Array of Quilts

Mom used to say that my creativity came from my dad.  He’s the singer, the guitar player, and the woodworker, among many other talents. And he is creative.  But he’s not alone. Mom has an eye for beauty. An eye for color. In the last couple years, she has taken up quilting again. I love seeing… Continue reading An Array of Quilts

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My First Red Velvet 

“Honey, what kind of cake do you want for your birthday?” I asked Middle Man, who was about to celebrate his fourth birthday. When I ask my daughter this question, I get all sorts of ideas. “I want a mermaid cake! Oh no, I want a rainbow cake! How about this year you get me a… Continue reading My First Red Velvet 

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Waves and Mosquitos

Last week we had the great privilege of visiting my husband’s grandparents in Texas.  It’s a trip we try to make at least once a year.  They are wonderful people, and we are so blessed to spend time with them. In addition to loving the people, I love the pace.  Everything is slow.  Relaxing.  There’s no… Continue reading Waves and Mosquitos

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Grandma and a Flower Garden

Grandma and Papa visits are the best.  Our whole family looks forward to them. This last visit, we split up girls and boys for a “playdate”, as my daughter called it.  While the boys headed off to a museum, us girls visited a local flower garden. There were so many kinds of flowers. Soft pink petals laced with… Continue reading Grandma and a Flower Garden

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Show Me Her Gifts

Little Miss dumped her backpack on the floor and ran to the backyard yelling, “Mom, there’s lots of stuff for you in there!  To look through!” Sighing, I went to her backpack and unearthed a thick stack of crumpled papers.  It looked like everything she had worked on for the last several weeks.  I looked through… Continue reading Show Me Her Gifts