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Waves and Mosquitos

Last week we had the great privilege of visiting my husband’s grandparents in Texas.  It’s a trip we try to make at least once a year.  They are wonderful people, and we are so blessed to spend time with them.

In addition to loving the people, I love the pace.  Everything is slow.  Relaxing.  There’s no pressing list of tourist attractions that we need to visit.  We wake up and go to bed when we feel like it.   There are palm trees all around, and a porch swing on each of Grandma’s patios.

Growing limes! Great Grandma's house @
Grandma is always renovating and adding things to her home and yard, so we notice new things every time we visit.  Like this lime tree.

Grandma has a beautiful yard that wraps around the side of their house.  It is full of flowers and vegetation and yard ornaments.  There are two nice patios for sitting, chatting, supervising kiddos, and drinking coffee.  There’s even a tree house.

Growing pineapples! Great Grandma's house @
These pineapples are new, too.

The kids LOVE it.  They play most of the week outside.  Even in the rain.

Rainy day @

Unfortunately, the mosquitos were bad.  Actually, that’s a huge understatement.  We were coated in bug spray most of the week, and still got eaten alive.  Midweek, I counted 19 bites on my youngest (just from the neck up).  This year we missed out on one of the patios and the tree house because of them.

Thankfully, the mosquitos were the only downside to the vacation.

We went to the beach to escape them.  🙂

Beach! @

If you’ve never been to an ocean, it’s an experience you should have at least once.

Watching the waves build and rush toward you… jumping as they crash into you to keep your head above the water… tasting the salty sea spray…

It fills me with exhilaration and awe for our Maker.

More beach! @

The beach is filled with exciting experiences for kids.  In addition to jumping over the waves (the small ones), our kiddos chased the seagulls, built and knocked over sand castles, and collected tiny shells.  They even discovered this jellyfish!

jellyfish! @

It was one of those freakishly wonderful vacations where we returned home actually rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to re-enter life.

I couldn’t possibly ask for more.




6 thoughts on “Waves and Mosquitos

  1. You have such a beautiful family! Also, the way you describe the beach makes me think I’ve been taking it for granted. I’ve spent my whole life living a mile or two from the beach and I’ve always loved it, but I definitely think I’ve taken it for granted!

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