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Homemade Bath Paint

An easy homemade bath paint for extending bath time fun.  Perfect for dirty days.  Or any days, really.  🙂

Easy Bath Paint @

This morning I sent my kids outside with sidewalk chalk.  Our patio was unusually clean and dry, the perfect chalk canvas.  After a minute of drawing, my kids took their chalk over to our small plastic pool and turned it into body paint.  (I must say I’m equally irked by their unintended use of chalk and delighted by their creativity.)

As each child wore out and came inside, I sent him or her immediately to the tub.  Now normally, bath time is a 10-15 minute job.  And it’s only because it takes that long to get all three in the tub, wash them all, and get them all out.  Sure, I throw the bath toys in there, but it’s a pretty quick event.

But today I made bath paint.

bath paint @

It’s a simple concoction of cornstarch, baby soap, food coloring, and water.  I love this paint and have used it a few different times.

After a soak in the bath to remove excess mud and grass (and chalk body paint), I drained the tub and whipped up a container of bath paint for each kiddo in their color of choice.

I’m learning that the outcome is mostly (if not entirely) irrelevant when it comes to kid art.  Not that it doesn’t matter at all, but the process is what’s really important.

And if they take their hands and smudge the shower wall with no discernible artistry whatsoever…

Bath paint on the shower wall... @

Or if they pour out their bath paint on the tub floor instead of daintily dipping the brushes like you envisioned…

bath paint @


No worries.  They had a blast.  It was a worthy experience.

bath paint fun @

Homemade Bath Paint
(Adapted from this recipe)

Ingredients per color:

  • 1 TBSP cornstarch (heaping spoonful)
  • 1 TBSP baby friendly soap (large squirt)
  • 1-2 drops food coloring
  • 1 tsp water (give or take)

Don’t feel the need to measure.  Save yourself some trouble and guesstimate.  🙂

Dump everything except the water in a small bowl or container, and give it a stir.

easy homemade bath paint @

It’ll be nice and gloppy.

Add a tiny bit of water (start with just a few drops) and stir.  Add additional water if you want the paint to be thinner.

Homemade bath paint @

I love LOVE this paint!

It is fast and easy to mix up, and the ingredients are always in our home.  I also love that it’s made with soap–even though my kids paint all over themselves this paint washes off so easily!

And when the kids are done, you just turn on the water and wash it all down the tub.

No extra clean up necessary.  🙂

Have a great weekend!




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