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Grandma and a Flower Garden

Grandma and Papa visits are the best.  Our whole family looks forward to them.

This last visit, we split up girls and boys for a “playdate”, as my daughter called it.  While the boys headed off to a museum, us girls visited a local flower garden.

light pink flower @

There were so many kinds of flowers.

Soft pink petals laced with white.  Vivid orange petals curled up around a mop of deep brown stamen.  Delicate royal blue petals coating long stems almost like rock candy.


Fiery rose @

We walked leisurely along the quiet paths, stopping to gaze at the fountains and charming bronze statues.

bright pink flower @

And of course, we stopped to look at the flowers.

White and red tea rose @

The red and white one above is called a hybrid tea rose.  Isn’t the striping gorgeous?

Peach and yellow flower @

It was a wonderful day to be out gazing at flowers.

A beautiful time with one of our favorite people.

Grandma and granddaughter @

Wishing you a wonderful week,



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