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5 Benefits of a Sinus Infection

I’m going on eight days now.  I’ve been blowing green slime out of my nose, coughing up phlegm, suffering headaches and earaches…  Pretty much, I feel awful.

But it’s not all bad.  And that’s what I want to share with you today.

I’ve had a few unexpected blessings in this sickness.  Here are five benefits that have come directly as a result of my sinus infection:

1. An unusual surplus of alone time.  Twice this week my husband took the kids with him to the gym to let me rest.  Each time I had over an hour of uninterrupted time alone.

No one needed me for diaper changing or milk pouring or oatmeal making.  No one needed to be redirected from throwing toys at their brother or sister.

I got to blow my nose in absolute silence.  I even got in a shower.

2. The inability to smell.  In most cases, this is a downer.  I miss tasting my food properly.  Everything is bland and strange.  But when I change diapers?  The loss of smell is sweet relief.

My husband can be several feet away wrinkling his nose and gagging.  But blissfully… I smell nothing.

3. Oreos.  I rarely buy Oreos.  They disappear in this house far too quickly.  And not because we have three kids.  Nope… it’s me.

So I limit my Oreo exposure.  My husband supports me in this limited exposure.  He knows I’m a healthier, happier person when I haven’t overdosed on an entire package of Oreos in the last twelve hours.  So he never buys Oreos.

But when he went to the store to pick up frozen food (given that I can’t cook a meal in my weakened state), he returned with Oreos.  Smart, sweet man.

4. A sharpened sense of appreciation.  Being sick brings certain things into focus.  Things I sometimes take for granted.  Like…

  • Being able to breathe out of both nostrils, being able to hear properly, being able to taste.
  • A husband who is willing to do the dishes and make dinner, to watch the kids when I am resting, to bring me Oreos…

It’s all sharper in the light of sickness.

5. Binge-watching The West Wing.  The older I get and the more I pursue Christ, the more I am aware of the general fruitlessness of binge-watching.

But in the middle of the night, surrounded by Kleenexes and cough drops, I am grateful for the diversion from the pain in my head and my inability to breathe properly.  It is a welcome distraction until total exhaustion sets in to induce sleep.

By the way, can I nominate Jed Bartlet for president?

I’m hopeful that I’ll feel better soon.  But in the meantime I’ll be concentrating on blessings.  Like watching my boys share tomato soup… which they later slurped out of straws.  đź™‚

want some soup?!

Have a great week!



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