A Little Yard Work

My parents had some trees trimmed in their yard recently.  Naturally, they called up my husband to help clean up the yard.  He’s good with wood and such.

So we picked a weekend, packed up the kids and drove a couple hours to Grandma’s house.

My children talked about it from the minute I told them we were visiting in a few days right up until the minute we walked in the door.

When they woke up in the mornings, “We go Papa’s house?”

After lunch and during playtime, “Where’s Mamaw?  See Mamaw.”

Wailing in the car, “I wanna go to Grandma’s house every-every day!”

At Grandma’s house, good times are had by all.


The challenge at Grandma’s house is occupying the children.  It’s bound to happen.  No matter how many toys are on the toy shelf, my children are masterminds at finding the other stuff.

You know the stuff.

The fragile stuff.  The messy stuff.  The dangerous stuff.  Permanent markers and china dishes, ground coffee and loose coins.

Whatever the stuff is, they are inexorably drawn to it.


To avoid possible disaster, we like to take them out and about, at least part of the day.  Out on some errands, out to a playground, out on a walk.

Anything to get out of the house and burn off some energy.


This time, the yard provided a naturally exciting place to be.  The branch removal project turned into a family affair, kids and all.  With six truckloads to haul off, there was plenty of wood to go around.

What a way to burn energy.

Have a great day!



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