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Chocolate Espresso Brownie Cookies from Stephysweetbakes

This is my final post in my WordPress Cooking Challenge! To read more about the challenge or see related posts, check out my page: Cooking Challenge.

I made it! This has been a MUCH longer challenge than I anticipated, but here we are at the last post!

I adore baking cookies.  Drop cookies, especially.  They are an instant gratification kind of baking.  With fast mix-up and a baking time around ten minutes, you can be eating them twenty minutes after your first Cookie Monster-like craving. “Cookies! Umm… nom nom nom nom!!” 

I am increasingly fascinated by how many different kinds of drop cookies can be baked.  My father-in-law makes us cookies almost every time we see him, and they are always different. Some have raisins and nuts. Others are full of M&Ms and peanut butter. Some have a cake-like texture and others are all crunch. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s ever made the same cookie recipe twice.

He sends us home with a big tin of homemade cookies, which we practically inhale.  With every bite, I think, Why don’t I bake cookies like this?

My go-to cookies are chocolate chip or no-bake, mostly because my husband requests them. But I’m experimenting and trying new recipes to get some more cookies in my regular repertoire.

When I saw these espresso brownie cookies from Stephysweetbakes, I thought they would be a great recipe to edge me slightly away from my regulars.

Espresso Brownie Cookies from Stephysweetbakes @

They didn’t disappoint!  In fact, the result was tasty in a way I hadn’t expected.  I had expected soft, chewy cookies, but they turned out crunchy, and reminiscent of biscotti.

Now, let me confess up front that I altered the recipe the teeniest bit, so it’s possible that my results are not identical to the originals.

First of all, I replaced the Kahlua with more coffee and water blend.  I didn’t have any on hand and couldn’t justify buying it for two teaspoons, (though I’m sure it adds another dimension to the cookies!).

My other alteration was in technique.  I don’t have a stand mixer, and I’m in the habit of mixing cookies by hand.  I haven’t used a mixer for cookie dough since high school.  I relish creaming the butter and sugar together with my rubber spatula.  There is something delightful about working those ingredients together myself.  It’s deeply satisfying.

Having said that, I do think the texture may have turned out differently if I had used the mixer.  Sometimes it’s difficult to whip in as much air by hand as is possible with a mixer, which can change the result. I’ll have to try them again with my hand mixer for comparison.

That being said, we liked them crunchy, and I would happily make another batch just like this!

I was surprised to see an egg separated in this recipe (just because I haven’t made a cookie recipe like that before).  Lately I’ve been really wondering about baking science and what effect certain ingredients have on a baked good, so I’m interested in the purpose of the additional yoke.  It’s the fatty part of an egg, so I’m not sure if it tenderizes the cookie better than just adding another whole egg?

While I’m curious about the effects of the lone yoke, I’m very aware of the effects of the leftover egg white.  If you read my post on candied pecans, you’re aware of my slight avoidance of recipes that call for egg white or yoke, but leave out the other half.

Here’s what happened with my leftover egg white. Note that Middle Man and Little Miss are my three-year-old and five-year-old respectively for the purposes of this blog.

I hate to waste food, so I put the unused egg white in a clear plastic container in the fridge, hoping my husband would add it to some scrambled eggs for breakfast.  The next day, my daughter came to me whilst I was in the bathroom (why does mischief ALWAYS happen when mom is in the bathroom?).

“Mom!  Mom!”

“What is it, honey?”

“Middle Man spit the juice on the carpet!”

“What juice?  We don’t have any juice.”

“The juice in that container you send in my lunchbox everyday!” Then it clicked.  I had put the egg white in a small square container with a pink lid, one of several I use for extra compartments in Little Miss’ lunchbox.

So it was that I got to clean up egg white “juice” from the carpet.

Poor egg white.  Rejected by a three-year-old.

This is the second time Middle Man has gotten into the fridge on his own and sampled leftover egg white thinking it was juice.  😊  I really love these days, full of the silliness and absurdity that is part of life with young children. Some day I’ll get to tell my teenage son that he used to mistake egg whites for juice. An unexpected blessing. 😊

But for now, maybe I should toss extra egg halves? 😊

Back to the cookies…

I brought these espresso brownie cookies to my parent’s house over a weekend visit. We indulged by passing them around with our morning coffee (and actually, our evening coffee the night before, too–we don’t discriminate against times of day with coffee, or cookies, for that matter).

The bittersweet chocolate in the cookies and the coffee baked in balanced out the sweetness of the cookie perfectly.  These were ideal cookies for coffee-dipping, in flavor and texture.

We kept going back for “just one more.” 😊

This is a recipe to try again!

Visit Stephysweetbakes for the full recipe: Chocolate Espresso Brownie Cookies.

Have a great weekend!




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