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Asiago Jalapeño Cornmeal Muffins from Sadie’s Nest

This is my fifth post in my WordPress Cooking Challenge.  For additional information about the challenge and to find other posts in this challenge, visit my Cooking Challenge page HERE.

When I selected this recipe for my cooking challenge, I was mostly making these for my husband, as I’m not a huge fan of jalapeños.  I don’t run screaming for the hills like I would have as a kid, but I just don’t much like the flavor.

After making these muffins though, I’ll be more apt to experiment with jalapeños in the future!  Sadie has discovered something brilliant in this jalapeño and Asiago combination.  The distinct jalapeño is perfectly complimented by the tangy Asiago.  Slather on some butter, and I was instantly craving another bite.


The only issue I had with the recipe was… me!  I didn’t read the baking instructions thoroughly enough.  It’s only my thousandth mistake of the day.  No worries here.  Usually I make TWO thousand!  🙂  Anyway…

Most muffin recipes require muffin cups filled half-way to two thirds of the way.  I did this without even thinking about it.  I had some batter left, so I checked the recipe again after I put the pan in the oven.

The recipe specifies to fill the muffin cups all the way to the rim.  🙂  I’ll fix this next time.  The muffins still baked well, just a little faster.

I also substituted diced jalapeño from a jar for the fresh jalapeños…

Why, you might ask?  My husband once asked me to help him make jalapeño poppers.  We had never cooked with fresh hot peppers before, and in our ignorance, we did not use gloves.  I was careful to avoid the seeds, but he and I both had burning hands for a couple days afterwards.  Anyhoo… that’s why I went for the jar. 🙂

After researching conversions, I learned that one jalapeño pepper produces about 1-2 tablespoons diced pepper.  I used about 3 tablespoons of diced jalapeños instead of the 3 fresh peppers.

For our range of heat tolerance, this was perfect.  The flavor came through with just a bit of kick.  My husband could have tolerated another tablespoon or two.  🙂

These flavor-packed muffins would be perfect alongside a big bowl of chili!  Especially with the cold and wet weather setting in… it warms my tummy just thinking about it!

To see the full recipe at Sadie’s Nest, click here: Asiago Jalapeño Cornmeal Muffins





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