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Old-Fashioned Sweet Potato Pancakes at A Hundred Years Ago

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This fall has been a fall of sweet potatoes for me.  I’ve been using them in casseroles for a few years, but have just recently discovered how tasty they can be in baking.

I was incredibly intrigued when I saw this recipe for sweet potato pancakes on Sheryl’s blog, A Hundred Years Ago.  I’d tried sweet potato muffins, and thought that the sweet potato would make a tasty pancake variation.

I was even more intrigued by the whipped egg whites in this recipe.  I had never whipped egg whites, not being a huge lover of meringue, and I wanted to try it.  It took me longer than I realized (several minutes) since I like to whisk by hand.  I may have used them a little softer than the “stiff” called for… my arm was getting tired.  🙂

Mixing sweet potato pancakes @

I did have trouble spreading the pancakes out (the batter wanted to come up off the skillet with my measuring cup as I spread), so my first batch ended up a little thick and underdone.  I turned the heat down to low, cooked them a little longer, and the next batch cooked through wonderfully.

Old-Fashioned Sweet Potato Pancakes by A Hundred Years Ago @

These pancakes were rich in flavor and light in texture.  I’m not normally a butter (or even syrup) person for pancakes.  I just go with a little powdered sugar or maybe some jam.

But for this recipe, use the butter.  Use the BUTTER.

Love the butter.  Lather those pancakes all over with butter and let it take you to sweet potato heaven.  It added an incredible richness to the pancakes and brought out the sweet potato flavor.  In my opinion, these were exquisite with just butter (and I did some good lathering after I took this picture).  But if your sweet tooth is calling, drizzle on some syrup or honey.  🙂

If you like sweet potatoes, get these going in your kitchen sometime soon!

To view the original recipe at A Hundred Years Ago, click here: Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pancakes (Waffles)



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