Nutella and Banana French Toast by What’s Bec Cooking

This is my second post in my WordPress Cooking Challenge.  To read more about the challenge click HERE.

I’ve been wanting to make stuffed French toast for a while now.  I’ve eaten a couple stuffed varieties, but never made anything at home myself.

When I saw Bec’s post on this Nutella banana version, my mouth watered.  It looked AMAZING.  I wanted to try it right away, but didn’t have Nutella. In fact, I’ve never had Nutella before.  (You have my permission to be shocked.)

For a treat, it was totally worth the price.  It has satisfied my sweet tooth on animal crackers and graham crackers the last couple weeks (delicious!), but this stuffed French toast is my favorite way to eat it so far!

Nutella and Banana French Toast by What's Bec Cooking @

I love that the egg mixture almost gets entirely used so you don’t have to waste it.  You might have just enough egg left for a regular piece of French toast.  🙂  To keep my sandwiches together better while cooking, I used two spatulas to flip them (just the first flip or two).  After that, they were stable enough to flip with just one spatula.

I was able to make both sandwiches at once in a large skillet, so I only used half the butter and oil.  I’m not sure if the oil was the reason, but they definitely did not burn!  I covered my skillet as well, to help ensure thorough cooking, and cooked over low heat.  I turned each sandwich 3-4 times.

This was the most decadent and delicious breakfast I’ve had in ages.  My kids ate their halves with syrup, and I ate mine just with powdered sugar.  Honestly though, I almost ate it fresh out of the pan without any added sugar.  The golden fried exterior paired perfectly with the sweeter Nutella and bananas.

I wished immediately after finishing my half that I had made more.  This was about as easy as regular French toast and so tasty!  I’ll be making this again!

To see Bec’s recipe click here: Nutella and Banana French Toast.


P.S. As I cook through recipes in this challenge, I’ll link to them all on this page: Cooking Challenge 


12 thoughts on “Nutella and Banana French Toast by What’s Bec Cooking

  1. That looks fantastic!!! Thank you so much for trying the recipe out and I’m very glad it worked out for you. I cannot believe you’ve never had Nutella!!! Your life and your children’s lives will never be the same after Nutella. Lol 😛

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  2. First, that is a super cool challenge. Can not wait to see how the rest goes. Second, I too never have Nutella in the house, you are not alone. 🙂 We have had it, kids love it, me not so much. The mom in me is…”How good is that for you?” lol Third the above looks amazing, I may need to try it for the kids, I am sure they will be thrilled. I will add it to my never ending to do list!

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