Snapshotsincursive’s Jam Session

This is my first post in my WordPress Cooking Challenge.  To read more about the challenge click HERE.

When I first saw this jam recipe by Gail at Snapshotsincursive, I was immediately captivated by the peach and ginger combo.  Peach jam is good, but peach and ginger?  That’s tantalizing.

The recipe calls for discs of spiced ginger, which I wasn’t sure about, so I checked with Gail.  She used candied ginger but said I could go with candied or fresh ginger root.  I’ve been dying to buy some candied ginger for a long time, and this was a perfect excuse.

Crystallized ginger for jam session @

I couldn’t find discs, but went with this bottle of little pieces of crystallized ginger.  I chopped them up finely to prevent any large chunks in the jam, and ended up with just under two tablespoons.  This amount of ginger was perfect for me.  The ginger was present in every spoonful of jam, but never overwhelming.

Finely chopped crystallized ginger @
Finely chopped crystallized ginger

The recipe tells you to slice off a piece of the lemon with the rind on, remove the seeds and toss it into the pot with the jam ingredients.  I wasn’t really sure about removing the seeds from the lemon slice.  Was I supposed to remove the pulp, too?  How would I make sure all the seeds were out?  Turns out, this is very obvious once you slice open your lemon.  🙂  The seeds are easy to see and pretty easy to dig out, leaving the pulp intact.  I held my slice up to the light to make sure I got all the seeds.

I’m glad the recipe called for whirring half of the peaches in a food processor.  This step was critical to a wonderful jam with delightful peach chunks here and there.  Personally, I liked it chunky, but if I wanted it less chunky and more spreadable, I might puree more of the peaches before cooking (or maybe dice my peaches a little smaller).  🙂

In terms of actually cooking the jam, it took me about 10 minutes of boiling before I thought it was starting to thicken, and then it took the full 30 minutes cooking on low before it looked like jam.  During this time I got to enjoy the warm and homey smells wafting from my pot.  🙂

Snapshotsincursives peach and ginger jam @

This recipe was easy to follow and easy to make.

I love that it made just one jar of jam.  It took three large peaches for me, and I didn’t have to attempt canning (which is definitely not my gift).  Although, if you are an avid canner, this would probably be easy to multiply the recipe and can the leftovers.  Christmas gifts, anyone?

I love that this recipe would be easy to customize for other fruits and possibly with other spices.   I also love that the lemon is the thickening agent, and it worked beautifully!

Snapshotsincursive's Jam Session @

I cannot wait to make this again!  It was gone in two days.  🙂  The jam was delicious, and the aroma in the house while it cooked down was phenomenal.  It brightened my fall day!

For Gail’s recipe click here: Eating My Way Through the Alphabet; Letter J


P.S. As I cook through recipes in this challenge, I’ll link to them all on this page: Cooking Challenge 


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