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Hungry Mama and Tortilla Delight

There I was again, sitting at the table after lunch.  Hungry.  Why, you might ask?  Chiefly because when I sit down to lunch with my boys for a weekday lunch, I forget to feed myself.  Does this ever happen to you?

I had carefully planned out their graham crackers smothered in peanut butter, vanilla yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon, and banana slices each topped with peanut butter and a baby marshmallow.

But food for Mommy?  Nope.

When Middle Man got home from preschool, I sat him (and his brother) down at the table for lunch while I excitedly went through his backpack, asking him about school and reading the summary of daily classroom activities.

When the boys were finished eating, it was time for a quick wash-up, diaper changes, and stories.  Then, off to nap time!

I sat down and relished in the silence (or at least, semi-quiet containment of my boys, who played together before they conked out).

Then came the tummy rumble, accompanied by an unpleasant hollow sensation.

Mama was hungry.

I checked the fridge and pantry looking for something to eat with nutritional value that could also be thrown together with minimal effort.  I wanted something substantial, both for my taste buds and my tummy.

We had tortillas… a good starting point.

These are a staple at my house exactly for this “need a quick, filling meal” occasion.  Sometimes I broil them with meat and cheese (or BBQ sauce/cheese or salsa/cheese) on them.  But we were almost out of meat, and I wasn’t really feeling the other cheese combos.  Other times I like peanut butter and honey, but that just sounded so sticky in my mouth.  And I really needed a fruit or vegetable.

In the end, I tried a combination I’d never had before.  I made a cream cheese, peanut butter, honey, banana tortilla roll-up, a.k.a. tortilla delight.

The cream cheese was the new part of this flavor palette for me.  It added a tang that instantly tamed the peanut butter flavor.  It also helped the “sticky mouth” factor.  🙂  Plus, I got in some fruit.  Can you go wrong with banana and peanut butter?

It was certainly not gourmet, but it was yummy, fast, and filling.  And that was what counted.  🙂

What do you eat when you need something fast and filling?



9 thoughts on “Hungry Mama and Tortilla Delight

  1. BBQ quesadillas are my go-to, but I’m also a fan of sliced banana in a bowl with a glob of PB (and yogurt, if I’m feeling fancy….). Also: egg & cheese on an English muffin!

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